We offer individual cremations where the ashes are returned to the owner either by personal delivery, pick up by the owner from my house, or at our crematory by appointment or by mail service with a tracking number (additional charges may apply for mail service). It takes about 2-3 weeks for ashes to be ready. Also available are mass or communal cremations where the ashes are not returned to the owner. Our crematory is located in Bridgeville, PA. This crematory is part of Pgh Pets at Home, we do not send our cremations to another company.  We take much care in the handling of your pets remains.

Home Burial

If you wish to bury your pet on your own property, first make sure local law allows it. 
Consider these suggestions:  
Remove the body from non-biodegradable materials (like plastic) before burial. The body can be placed in a wooden or cardboard casket or wrapped in cloth. The grave should be at least 3-4 feet deep and in a location that is not likely to erode or be dug up by another animal. The medicine that is used for euthanasia can cause harm or death to any other animal that consumes it. You may mark the grave site with a special headstone or plant a special tree or bush in that area.

Pet Cemetery Burial

There are many companies that offer pet burial services in a pet cemetery. This will allow you a specific place to visit your pet without the potential legal issues of home burial. In addition, if you move from your current home, you will not have to move your pet's remains or worry about leaving them behind. Pet burial services are able to offer a selection of headstones and other decorative touches for your pet's grave.  There are several in the surrounding Pittsburgh area.

We Can Help

Your pet is sick. The diagnosis and subsequent prognosis are not good. Now is the time to contemplate putting your pet to sleep (euthanasia). But where do you turn for help? What are the next steps? How do you make this final period of your companion’s life as peaceful as possible? Let us help you with our in-home Pittsburgh Pet Euthanasia services.

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