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At PPAH we offer animal hospice, palliative care and in home euthanasia services, we will work with you and your family to decide what is best for your beloved pet.

We understand the most difficult question is when to euthanize a pet. Our pets are like our family members and the decision can be overwhelming. There are many things to consider when making that decision including the pet’s quality of life. This may include mobility, hygiene, appetite, interest in life, pain, a disease process and prognosis. Other factors to consider are the ability of the caregiver to physically move pet in and outside the home if needed, time to devote to nursing care and financial constraints.

We will be happy to come to your home for a consultation regarding a plan for your pet; this may be a one time euthanasia visit or a more involved assessment for hospice care. This may include an assessment of your pet’s physical condition and previous veterinary medical records (if applicable and permissible by you) and a hospice care plan towards natural death or euthanasia. We can taylor the plan to your needs just call us to discuss your options.

Be assured that whatever decision you make we will support you and eliminate the fear of making this difficult decision for your pet.

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Your pet is sick. The diagnosis and subsequent prognosis isn’t good. Now is the time to contemplate advanced animal hospice care or putting your pet to sleep (euthanasia). But where do you turn for help? What are the next steps? How do you make this final period of your companion’s life as peaceful as possible? In Home Pittsburgh Pet Euthanasia & Hospice Care.

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